Courses for Second Level

Courses offered at second level include:

  1. Study Skills and Exam Preparation Workshop for Senior Cycle Students.
  2. Courses for Mainstream Teachers who have some SEN hours
  3. In-service for school staff.
  4. Maths and Dyslexia.
  5. Course for Teachers on Study Skills which support the Student with Dyslexia
  6. Information night for parents.


1. Study skills and exam preparation workshop for senior cycle students with dyslexia

Students with dyslexia may experience difficulties with organisation, reading, memory and learning, note-taking, writing and spelling.  However there are specific strategies that help the student to achieve and which target their specific difficulties.  The workshop is particularly aimed at the student with dyslexia who does not qualify for additional teaching support.  it would also be relevant to students with other specific learning difficulties such as  dyspraxia.   Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Organisation and goal setting.
  • Reading and comprehension skills.
  • Note-taking.
  • Memory and learning strategies.
  • Writing skills.
  • Targeting specific difficulties experienced by students.
  • Resources include websites. 

The course is designed for senior cycle students and is offered within the school setting or at a central venue. 

The next workshops is:   October Midterm 2020


Please use the contact form on this website to request further details


2. Courses for Mainstream teachers who may have some SEN hours

This course is designed for two groups of teachers

1.  Teachers who have students with dyslexia in their classes.

2.  Teachers who have been allocated some SEN classes and have not received any formal training on SEN teaching.

Although the course deals in particular with dyslexia, many of the strategies and resources will also help when working with students with other specific learning difficulties such as Dyspraxia.


  • Dyslexia and how it affects the student at second level.
  • Screening and identification
  • Understanding the assessment report
  • Classroom teaching and learning strategies.
  • Strategies/resources/classroom planning for the SEN class.
  • Study skills which help the student with dyslexia. 

Teachers who have attended the course have said of it

  • 'Lovely introduction to teaching SEN for a mainstream teacher'.
  • 'Practical approach, student focussed at all times, no filler'.


Dates of Courses  

Dates for courses in Autumn 2020 to be arranged

Please use the contact form on this website to indicate interest.  


3.  In-service for school  staff

Students with dyslexia experience specific difficulties at second level.  However there are whole-school policies, classroom strategies and teaching approaches which provide invaluable and targeted support for students and which help them cope with the demands of the curriculum. Many of the teaching approaches and strategies that support the student with dyslexia are also of benefit to the general student body.  Topics covered include:

  • Dyslexia at second level and how it affects students.
  • Screening and Identification.
  • Understanding the psycho-educational assessment and its implications for teaching and learning.
  • Whole school policies which support the student with dyslexia and the development of literacy.
  • Classroom strategies, in particular strategies which help with reading, comprehension, memory, spelling and writing.
  • Resources for the classroom.

The presentation is two hours, but can be adapted to facilitate the school needs.


4.  Maths and Dyslexia

Although dyslexia is primarily about literacy difficulties, many students with dyslexia may experience specific difficulties in Maths.  This course includes the following:

  • What students with dyslexia find difficult about Maths.
  • Different cognitive strategies in Maths learning.
  • The impact of anxiety on learning in Maths.
  • Approaches that have been found to be effective in Maths learning.
  • Resources for Maths learning.
  • Dates for Autumn 2020 to be arranged.  Please use contact form on this website to indicate interest.

5. Course for Teachers on Study Skills which support the Student with Dyslexia 

Students with dyslexia may experience difficulties with organisation, reading, memory and learning note-taking, writing and spelling.  This course is for teachers and concentrates on practical study skills and strategies that will help the student achieve. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How dyslexia affects the student with dyslexia
  • Organisation and goal setting
  • Reading
  • Note-taking
  • Memory and Learning
  • Writing, understanding the question asked, structuring answers 
  • Vocabulary and Spelling 
  • Resources 
  • Dates for Autumn 2020 to be arranged.


6. Information Evenings for Parents

Many parents of students with dyslexia find that they struggle to know how to support the student at second level as the challenges are different to those experienced at primary level.   This evening aims to give practical help and advice.   The topics addressed include:

  • How parents can help the student with homework and learning.
  • Developing reading skills at home.
  • Developing self-esteem.
  • Key educational choices such as subject choice.
  • Supports such as RACE and DARE.
  • Assistive Technology


The presentation is an hour and half followed by a half hour for questions.  It would also be suitable for parents of students with other specific learning difficulties such as dyspraxia.


Wyn McCormack and Deirdre McElroy