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Dyslexia Courses Ireland offers support to teachers at second level and parents of students with dyslexia. The support is offered through courses and information / resources which are downloadable.


Courses are offered as in-person presentations in school or by Zoom. They are also offered through the Education Centres. The courses include:

  • Dyslexia for mainstream teachers
  • Planning for SEN classes for teachers with some SEN classes and little SEN training
  • The study skills that support the student with dyslexia
  • Dyslexia and Self-esteem
  • A Zoom webinar for parents on how to support the student with dyslexia level.

Information in the download section of this website includes:

  • The Factsheets on Dyslexia at Second Level. This set of 18 Factsheets is intended primarily for teachers. Factsheet 16 is for parents on how they can support the student with dyslexia.

Factsheet 17 is for students with dyslexia and includes advice on study techniques which help.

  • Useful websites and apps for teachers.
  • Useful websites and apps for students.
  • Ten tips for Junior Certificate students with dyslexia.

Feedback on the courses for teachers

‘An excellent course, well delivered. A lot of great resources. Loved directions to specific websites.’

‘Excellent, best course I have been on in a long time. Better than the dyslexia module on my M.Ed.’

‘Great balance of practical information and informal discussion. Excellent and knowledgeable presenter.’

‘Very informative and clearly presented, detailed, yet easy to follow.’

‘The 2 hours just flew by and you gave fantastic information.’


Feedback on the parent courses

‘Gave me hope and ideas on how to help.’

‘I found it brilliant, jam-packed with information and advice and it was performed in such a professional manner.’

‘Very informative. We felt we saw some possible direction and hope for our child into the future.’

‘Can now read and understand the assessment report and more importantly understand my son.’


Presenter Wyn McCormack

Wyn is a former Guidance Counsellor and Special Educational Needs teacher. Her three sons have dyslexia. She has presented courses for parents, students and teachers on dyslexia at second level for over 25 years. Since 2015 her main emphasis has been on courses for teachers and she has presented courses in over 140 secondary schools.  She has also given zoom webinars on dyslexia through many of the Teachers Education Centres.

She has written extensively on the topic including Lost for Words, a Practical Guide to Dyslexia at Second Level (third edition 2006), and Dyslexia, An Irish Perspective (second edition 2011) as well as being the co-author of the Factsheets on Dyslexia at Second Level in 2013 (updated annually).