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Dyslexia Courses Ireland offers support to teachers at second level, parents of students with dyslexia and the students who have dyslexia.  The support is offered through courses/study skills workshops and information /resources which are free to download. 


Courses include:

  • Inservice courses for teachers within the school setting.  
  • Information nights for parents of students with dyslexia.   
  • Study skills workshops for students with dyslexia.
  • Courses on dyslexia for mainstream teachers who may have some SEN hours.
  • Maths and dyslexia course for teachers at second level.
  • Course for teachers on the study skills that support students with dyslexia.


Information in the download section of this website includes:

The Factsheets on Dyslexia at Second Level.  This set of 18 Factsheets is primarily for teachers. Factsheet 16 is for parents on how they can support the student with dyslexia.  Factsheet 17 is for students with dyslexia and includes advice on study techniques which help.

A Factsheet for the parents on how they can support the primary school child with dyslexia.

Web-based resources including on-line tutorials, study notes and examination preparation for second level students and teachers.

Ten Tips on Study for Junior Certificate students with dyslexia.

Tips on English Paper 1 in Leaving Certificate for students with dyslexia.

Strategies/resources for the mainstream teacher who may have SEN classes. 


What people say about our courses


Teacher courses

 'An excellent course, well delivered.  A lot of great resources.  Loved directions to specific websites such as PDST graphic organisers.'

'Excellent, best course I have been on in a long time.  Better than the dyslexia module on my M.Ed.'

'Great balance of practical information and informal discussion. Excellent and knowledgeable presenters.'

'Very informative and clearly presented, detailed, yet easy to follow.'

'The 3 hours just flew by and you gave us fantastic information.'


Student Workshops

95% of the students who attend the workshops say that they were leaving the workshop with a minimum of 6 practical strategies they were going to put in place immediately.   Other comments made were:

'I got great help and advice yesterday. I found it extremely beneficial, it was nice to see others having the same problem and the advice couldn't have been better so thanks again'

'I really found the tips on writing more and planning what I write really useful.'


 Parent Courses

'Gave me hope and ideas on how to help.'

'I found it brilliant, jam-packed with information and advice and it was performed in such a professional manner.

'Very informative.  We felt we saw some possible direction and hope for our child into the future. Can now read and understand the assessment report and more importantly understand my son.'


Dyslexia Courses Ireland was set up in 2015 by colleagues who have been working in the field of dyslexia in Ireland for many years. 


Wyn McCormack

Wyn is a former Guidance Counsellor and Special Educational Needs teacher.  Her three sons have dyslexia.  She was involved with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland for over 20 years and designed and presented courses on dyslexia for parents, teachers and students while with them.  She has written extensively on the topic including Lost for Words, a Practical Guide to Dyslexia at Second Level, (third edition 2006), and Dyslexia, An Irish Perspective (second edition 2011) as well as being the co-author of the Factsheets on Dyslexia at Second Level in 2013 (updated annually).  She has been a presenter for SESS, the Special Education Support Service.   


Deirdre McElroy

Deirdre has a Masters in Educational Psychology and worked for a number of years with the National Educational Psychological Service.  Before qualifying as a psychologist, she taught Mathematics and History at all levels up to Leaving Certificate higher level.  Deirdre also has a Higher Diploma and a Masters in Special Education. She has worked as a resource teacher in a second level school.  Deirdre has also experience in both primary and secondary schools both as a psychologist and a teacher.